momzelle GABY Maternity/Nursing Hoodie NAVY BLUE

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This is one of the cutest and most comfortable Nursing Hoodie on the market!  This will be your go to Hoodie this Spring/Summer. Regardless of the season be very cozy and comfortable while nursing your little one.  This lightweight hoodie offers an easy and very discreet nursing access. Whether at home, out and about or enjoying the outdoors, this is a very useful and versatile Hoodie/Top.

This Spring/Summer 2017 Season GABY is also available in 3 other colour combinations


Nursing opening of breastfeeding hoody


Fabric : 94 % Cotton, 6 % Spandex

- Designed to flatter the pregnant and postpartum figure
- Universal breast openings ensure a discreet, relaxed and comfortable breastfeeding experience
- Adjusted width at the hips
- Sleek look
- Soft, Comfortable Fabric

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