GeBe Maternity PRINCESS Short Sleeve Top "Ms. Grows Here", WHITE

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MS. GROWS HERE - Princess T-Shirt

Fun and absolutely adorable Short Sleeve Ruched Maternity Top. The elegant touch of little pearl beads on princess crown is just another nice touch GeBe added to this very comfortable and stretchy t-shirt. With 8% Elastane it gives you all the comfort you could wish for. Besides the obvious... This top truly is pretty and adorable. You will love the little "attention to detail" features that this tshirt offers.

Wear it with shorts, jeans, long skirt, underneath a cardigan - The possibilities are endless. One thing is for certain. This t-shirt will be the talk of all gatherings. 


92% Cotton

8% Elastane

Care Instructions:

Machine Wash - Warm (30 degrees C)

Recommended to wash garment inside out

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